Are you seeing a Jan. 3 version of our front page?

Many readers are reporting that their Overlawyered front page is stuck on the Jan. 3 version, although they can still navigate to posts like this one through, say, Google or RSS. The front page displays correctly for me (including its more recent posts) in Firefox, but when I try it in Safari it returns the Jan. 3 version readers are complaining about (at a moment just before I upgraded to WordPress 2.7).

Just to make matters more confusing, the site’s RSS feed seems to have slowed down but not frozen; at the moment the most recent Overlawyered post in my Google Reader is from the early hours of this morning, which means several more have failed to appear in the feed.

Reports, comments and explanations would be welcome, including those from IE users. I wonder whether I made some mistake in copying cache files in replacing the old install with the new, in such a way as to freeze the site in some browsers but not others.


  • It works fine for me using safari.

  • I’m getting the Jan. 3 page when I click on the home page from both FF and IE. I only saw this post because it did show up via RSS feed.

    As I understand their directions, you are supposed to delete wp-content/cache file before doing the upgrade, not copy over it. Is that what you did?

  • I’ll bet that’s what happened. What should I do to recover?

  • I see normal current material with FF; I tried IE and got the old page.

  • Well, I just refreshed your home page in FF, and now it’s updated in that browser and showing this post on the homepage, but it is still showing the Jan. 3rd version in IE even after refresh.

    I don’t know if just giving it more time will help or if you need to reinstall.

    If you made a complete backup, and you want to reinstall, you could revert and redo the upgrade using the instructions at or

    But I’m no expert on WP upgrades, and you may want to get some advice from someone who knows more than I do. Lord knows I’ve had my own major hassles with every single WP upgrade to the point that I’ve stopped upgrading some blogs I own and have a friend help me when I run into trouble on other upgrades.

    Best of luck,


  • Checked in Firefox, IE, and Google Chrome — 1/3 version across the board. No proxy server or anything that could have cached it.

  • Okay, I just got through tinkering with some of the file issues I should have handled more carefully during the upgrade. Safari didn’t reflect the change until I did a forced-refresh (SHIFT click reload page) and then it produced current page. IE and other non-Safari users, could you tell me whether this works for you?

  • i tried to warn you about murphys law =p

  • Didn’t even need the SHIFT-click refresh. It’s working in IE now without me doing anything but refresh.