Coach’s wife: hubby’s litigation ruined our sex life

“Loss of consortium” claims are familiar when the underlying claim of injury is physical in nature. But for defamation and other verbal entanglements? The wife of Ole Miss basketball coach Andy Kennedy is advancing those claims in a suit against a Cincinnati taxi driver who charged Kennedy with assault, and a valet driver who backed up his claims. [Deadspin, NMC @ Folo]

One Comment

  • Let me get this right. The coach is arrested on 18th December and the wife sues for loss of consortium (a phrase that should definitely be used more often in today’s hurly-burly times) four days later! Isn’t that a bit early to make the claim? After all, perhaps it was the lawsuit that the coach filed the day after his arrest that caused the stress. So, what are the laws on intimidating a witness in Cincinnati?