CPSIA Blog Day #1: Past CPSIA bloggers


Among the bloggers who’ve done excellent posts on the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, but who don’t primarily blog on this or nearby topics, are BeliefNet’s Rod Dreher (who was onto the thrift store angle very early), John Schwenkler of Upturned Earth, Mark Thompson @ Publius Endures, economist Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution, Advice Goddess columnist Amy Alkon, Iain Murray at CEI “Open Market”, Jeff Nolan at Venture Chronicles, Patrick @ Popehat, Eve Tushnet (scroll a lot to Jan. 15), and leading education blogger Joanne Jacobs.

Do all of them know that today is CPSIA Blog Day, in which hundreds of bloggers will be calling attention to the law’s terrible effects? I hope so, because it would be great to hear their voices again as part of today’s chorus.

P.S. Great response! Posts from Amy Alkon at Advice Goddess, Patrick at Popehat, John Schwenkler, Mark Thompson at the wonderfully named League of Ordinary Gentlemen, and Eve Tushnet at Ladyblog.


  • The lack of foresight by Congress is amazing. They passed a law that basically would have allowed them to pat themselves on the back, but instead they are ruining business and thrift stores in the midst of the worst economic situation in most people’s lifetimes.

  • Thanks for the reminder. Blogged it:


    I asked my readers to contact the elected idiots/sell-outs/panderers who pretend to represent them and demand that they repeal this disaster.

  • Great! Thanks! And readers should check out the rest of Amy’s blog too, where they’ll find both outrage and fun on plenty of other topics.

  • I’m amazed by the everyday (not perceived as directly impacted) person’s opinion about CPSIA. Many are simply impervious, so I blogged: http://designsbydeb.us/wordpress/

    Thanks for your excellent writing.

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