CPSIA links

Away from my desk for three days, and just catching up with the flow of commentary on the issue:


  • Thanks Walter for your ongoing coverage and attention to this inane law. It has been a tough fight and we need all the help we can get. Thanks for getting the word out, as well as correct info to the public!!

  • Purely anecdotal input. My wife typifies the bourgeoisie working mom of a five year old; active with other moms, involved with the school, weekends doing all sorts of family things, but yet has little to no interest in political or economic discussion at all. She has a nice white collar job with a huge telecom, for whom she’s worked for about sixteen years. She was raised by right-leaning to very right parents. My point: I read to her, out load, Walt’s piece from Forbes and some of the other blog-bytes. I explained the utter absurdity of this piece of legislative garbage and explained the finer points of its literal enforcement. She was convinced that I (and Walt) were somehow misreading this. She truly believes that there can’t possibly be a law this wacked out and that if Walt is true, someone will step in and fix this…after all, we’re now in the Age of The Messiah. She called her other moms, many of who are middle-left. They all rallied around her and showed my wife Waxman’s PDF from his official House site. My wife thus attempted to convince con me that “see, it’s not going to be that big of a deal…” I tried to explain the separation of powers and state AGs and to this moment she, like so many other people seems to think this monster is really just a paper tiger. Thus, I suppose we’ll have to wait until a few too many victims fall prey to this tiger before people realize that it’s not paper.