January 29 roundup

  • Free class-action swag if you bought department store cosmetics between 1994 and 2003; not that they’re giving away the very best stuff or anything [Tompkins/Poynter, California Civil Justice, WSJ Law Blog, settlement site] We’ve been covering the story for quite some time;
  • Law school “can be a financial disaster” for unwary students [Law and More] Law schools not immune from economic downturn [Above the Law]
  • Bruce Bawer on Dutch prosecution of Islam-criticizer Geert Wilders [City Journal]
  • More on possible passenger suits after the miracle Hudson-landing USAir Flight #1549 [USA Today, earlier] Update: NY Post, NY Mag.
  • Bad news for patients and other living things: Sidney Wolfe of Public Citizen somehow got named to a key FDA panel during the late Bush administration [Point of Law, Postrel, Bernstein/Volokh, Hooper & Henderson/Forbes]
  • “Friends weren’t really trying to reach me!” class action against Reunion.com encounters another setback [Spam Notes]
  • Stand and deliver it back: “Minnesota: $2.6 Million in Red Light Camera Tickets Refunded” [The Newspaper]
  • Gary, Indiana’s is the last standing of what were once thirty “gun sales = nuisance” suits filed by cities; now Indiana high court says it can go to trial [Point of Law]


  • On that cosmetics give away, you couldn’t have mentioned this earlier? It link in the story says it was a one time, 7-day only promotion that started Jan 20. So its too late and I cannot get my bottle of Paris Hilton Perfume or whatever now.

    I think I will sue you!

  • US-Air: passenger comments: “would like to be made whole for the incident.” This quite reads as though he’s already had an initial legal consultation. I’ll take this opportunity to play with semantics: Sir, you were never “not whole” and if it were not the apparent dedication of the flight crew and perhaps every person who had a hand in the aircraft’s design and construction, you might be un-whole and water-logged.

  • […] national cosmetics giveaway that recently took place following a class-action antitrust suit (see Jan. 29, etc.) A highlight: I also asked Saveri [San Francisco class-action attorney Guido Saveri, one of […]

  • […] Thought it wasn’t going to happen? “Some Passengers Mull Lawsuits Over Life-Saving US Airways Crash-Landing” [ABA Journal, earlier here and here] […]