January 8 roundup

  • “You’ve got to be alive to be inconvenienced”: some thoughts on the withdrawal of an emergency battlefield therapy [GruntDoc]
  • Yes, let’s all have a nice scare over “third-hand” tobacco smoke, or actually let’s not [Sullum, Siegel, Greenfield] And you knew they were coming: “smokeasies” [Tuccille, Examiner]
  • “We are fully cooperating with the government in its investigations” (Hey, I never said “we” included my client) [WSJ Law Blog on Madoff case]
  • Speech so precious it must be rationed: Yale Law Journal author proposes “Tort Liability on Websites for Cyber-Harassment” [via TortsProf]
  • Rick Hills on Richardson probe: federally criminalizing state-level pay-to-play is a bad idea [Prawfs]
  • Paul Alan Levy: Martin Luther King Jr. estate, much criticized for its aggressive trademark assertions in the past, deserves due credit for its handling of a case where free speech was implicated [CL&P]
  • Lawyers on Craigslist: “If you practice as well as you spell, we’re golden” [Nicole Black, Legal Antics]
  • Yes, I’m overhauling Overlawyered’s look and feel with the aid of Thesis, a powerful “theme” (way of changing presentation) for WordPress. Expect my tinkering to go on for a while.


  • New look with the aid of Thesis??

    I vote “thumbs DOWN!!!” What used to all fit (side-to-side) on my monitor is now 30% wider than before, and looks worse to boot (all the same color like a newspaper except for the links).

    Change it or go back to the old format, PLEASE!!!

  • Nope, I like the new theme. The “Overlawyered” title needs some jazzing up. It’d look better as a quality logo rather than the too-simple large sized generic font.