Schrenker’s fender-bender splendor

After your low-speed accident outside New York City’s Port Authority, you suspect there’s something a tad suspicious about the resulting $15 million neck-and-back-injury claim against you by the occupant of the limo you hit, a man named Marcus Schrenker. And then one day he turns up on all the front pages


  • I seem to remember several lawyers commenting on this page and on their own blogs describing in detail how they vet claims and only take on the ones with merit… yeah… wonder how this one got filed?

  • I have a few plaintiffs in suspicious “bulging disc” low-speed collisions or other types of questionable cases who, unlike the stereotype of the down-and-out personal injury lottery player, are actually pretty wealthy. They do sales or business and live in houses with big pools, make more than 100K and jet off to Vegas for vacations. But they’re still demanding $90,000 for some barely-there injury. One was even planning to push “emotional distress” as part of his motorcycle accident, despite being trained as a jet fighter. But hey — a good way to make money is a good way to make money, I guess.