“Alcoholic sues Marriott after falling over a stairway while plowed”

“Michael Fenton admits he’s an alcoholic. He went on a two-day bender at the Marco Island Marriott Resort and Spa last January. In an inebriated state, he then plunged over a stairway some 100 feet. Now, he’s suing the hotel for serving an addict and causing his brain damage.” [Naples, Fla. Daily News via, and with headline from, Obscure Store]


  • You cannot bring these types of claims in Maryland. I’m a plaintiffs’ lawyer but I disagree with these claims for these reason you include in your tags: personal responsibility.

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  • Unfortunately, Maryland is in the minority. The only good news about cases like this is that the plaintiffs are almost invariably unsympathetic.

  • I wonder how he plans to convincingly distinguish between the brain damage caused by the fall and the brain damage caused by chronic alcohol abuse and the myriad other accidental falls and collisions that come with it.