Claim: Nintendo Wii dangerous and addictive

Self-described as “America’s Lifestyle Coach For Health And Wellness” and “the quintessential, cutting edge fitness advocate leader”, Michael Torchia says he intends to sue Nintendo over the fitness claims it explicitly or implicitly has made for its wildly popular Wii game system, which, as Patrick at Popehat notes, is a bit of a competitor to his own services. The main success of the strained action will predictably be in drawing public attention to Mr. Torchia, a process to which, alas, we appear to be contributing with this very post.


  • This man is nothing more than a big baby. The Wii is an innovative gaming system that actually gets kids moving. I don’t care if you’re “America’s Lifestyle Coach” (whatever that means), anything that gets you moving is healthier than just sitting there. Wii Fit is even better. I can vouch for Wii Fit’s health benefits. Sounds to me that this joker feels his pompous title is threatened by a video game, which I’m sure he thinks are inherently addictive/brain-killing/all the other misguided things adults seem to buy into about them without actually ever once playing one. To sue Nintendo, a reputable, quality-driven company that’s been making games for over 20 years, just shows everybody what kind of selfish, sue-happy, and ignorant “lifestyle” that you live, “Coach.”

  • I think that’s pretty sad, the Wii is only addictive because it is so much fun.

  • I’m an internist. I have a patient who lost 30 lbs using the Wii Fit. I see it as a valuable tool, not “dangerous and addictive.”

  • too bad jack thompson is disbarred otherwise that would make this even more worth watching lol

  • This guy reads like one of those super-high energy infomercial “buy my ab machine” muscle-heads who can’t walk past a mirror without some kind of pec-flex.