CPSIA: Library books under an orange tarp

It’s happening at the Morton James Public Library in Nebraska City, Neb.:

A federal child product safety law has staff at the Morton James Public Library quarantining books behind bright orange plastic and wondering how many must be pulled forever from the shelves. …

Over 1,000 books with 1985 or older on the copyright page have already been quarantined behind an orange curtain.

Library Director Barbara Hegr said librarians will try to determine if the edition is a printing after the copyright date, so the book may be preserved.

Click through to the news story at the Nebraska City News-Press for more details, as well as a photo you may not soon forget. You can also Digg the story here.


  • Once libraries start pulling books from their shelves because of the CPSIA, I wonder how long it will be before some parent, whose child checked out one of those books in the past, decides to sue the library for potentially exposing their child to lead. I can easily see parents using this as a reason to sue all sorts of retailers and manufacturers.

  • Insanity. People, weep.

    The helpful “Big Brother” has just shot itself and all of us not only in the feet, but in the vital organs.

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  • Thanks. Installed updated link.

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