Disney thrill ride therapeutic, woman says

“A Florida woman who claims the G-forces from a theme park ride relieve her chronic pain has sued Walt Disney World for breaching its contract with visitors by limiting her to four rides per visit on its Tower of Terror. … In a complaint filed last month in Osceola County, Fla., Denise Mooty alleges she needs the Tower of Terror for therapy rather than thrills.” Disney denies the charges and says Mooty was made to leave the park “for causing a disturbance within the presence of other guests and using foul language toward a Cast Member.” [Heller, OnPoint News]


  • Didn’t some 16 year-old British girl sue Disney after she had a heart attack and stroke from riding the same ride twice? They had something about it on Red Eye the other day…

  • Memo to plaintiff’s attorney:

    WDW is a themed amusement park, NOT a medical treatment facility.

    But maybe the judge will put you and your client on the Mission: Space ride and either spin some sense into you or stupidity out of you.

  • Please check out her bizarre website. This is one really crazy lady.

    Is this pro se litigation? Loser Pays would solve this vast waste of corporate resources instantly.

  • While the story is odd at first blush, a reading of the complaint shows it to be a rather simple breach of contract case, complicated by an altercation with security.

    Disney sold a ticket and then (according to the complaint) restricted the ticket.

    The oddball items are the false arrest and infliction of emotional distress claims, but none of us were there for the altercation.