Enjoy American artisanal/craft beers?

Thank Carter-era deregulation for that. In 1979 the nation was known for bland, uniform and mass-produced beer, and there were but a mere 44 breweries in the entire country, most of their products very like each other. But legal restrictions were lifted. “Three decades later, the U.S. boasts 1,463 breweries, including 975 brewpubs”, and a culture of beer connoisseurship with few if any equals around the world.

And all just from repealing some unnecessary laws. It’s kind of like running the CPSIA tape in reverse.


  • Some do more than make beer and give them funny names.

    I can’t think of a good WCTU joke to put here but one can hope the CPSIA nightmare will end at some point. I wonder if you can use an old book and a new minibike to make a brew or just put them on the menu “as-is”. I’ll take Der Strewwelpeter and an Edmund Fitzgerald.

  • The first step toward rehabilitating the Carter presidency.