February 27 roundup

  • Long Island man fails badly in bid to make his estranged wife compensate him for kidney he gave her [NYLJ, earlier]
  • McDonald’s denies negligence in case of nude photos on customer’s left-behind cellphone [Heller/OnPoint News, earlier]
  • Role of union corruption in NYC crane collapses. Best tidbit: strippers offered apprenticeships [New York Times]
  • Because the Big Three need another millstone around their necks: states moving to entrench auto dealers’ nontermination/buyout rights yet further [Detroit Free Press via Mataconis, background]
  • Microsoft claims former employee “applied for a job at the company under false pretenses and then used his role at Microsoft to gain access to confidential data related to patent litigation he is now waging” [Seattle P-I, Andrew Nusca/ZDNet]
  • Settlement ends lawsuit by Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. against Mississippi’s Farese law firm and Ocala, Fla. attorney Bruce Kaster arising from leak of disparaging employee affidavit to press [Patsy Brumfield, NEMDJ, ABA Journal]
  • Mule drivers at historic tourism park must register for antiterror biometrics as transportation workers [Ken @ Popehat]
  • Lawyers advise defendant on trial for murder to go off his antipsychotic medication so he’ll come off as madder to the jury [nine years ago on Overlawyered]


  • As a mother whose child has just had a kidney transplant 2 months ago, that doctor who sued his wife for his kidney makes me sick.

    Whatever happened to altruism?

    That doc sounds like a real loser…no wonder his wife strayed.

  • I see the kidney transplant in a different way, Ms. Carroccio. Giving one of your kidneys to your wife says “I love you” in a profound way”.

    Divorces are almost always unpleasant. (I had two. ) It can be stunning how a woman you loved can turn into a heartless monster. I hope the doctor would take his losses and stop fighting.

    The doctor literally gave a woman life. Let’s give him a break.

  • fair enough, William.