February 8 roundup

  • There’s money in lost personal data: “Counsel Could Rake in $5 Million from Veterans Settlement” [Weissmann/BLT]
  • Commentaries on now-settled GateHouse v. NYTimes lawsuit (news organization grabs/aggregates rival’s reports) [Ardia and Lindenberger, Citizen Media Law; Nieman Journalism Lab]
  • Funny and instantly recognizable: cop talk converted to human talk [Legal Antics]
  • No need to worry about revival of Fairness Doctrine, they told us — uh-oh, here comes talk radio “accountability” [Patterico]
  • Lenders whipped up one side of the street for too-easy credit standards, then down the other for tightening them [McArdle]
  • Murder convictions for drunk drivers? Not so fast, a New York appeals court decision suggests [Greenfield]
  • When no one writes a leniency letter at your sentencing, maybe problem is not so much that you’re a crooked lawyer as that you’re a powerless lawyer [YallPolitics on Tim Balducci, Mississippi]
  • If lawyers strike everyone who’s griped about jury duty on Facebook “we’re going to run out of jurors really fast” [Anne Reed]

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  • […] briefly mentioned the other day the remarkable litigation over a laptop theft which (it seemed at the time) might have led to a […]