February 9 roundup

  • Court declines to dismiss stripper’s suit blaming her DUI crash on club that made her drink with customers [Heller/OnPoint News, earlier]
  • Served 23 years in Wisconsin prison, then cleared by DNA evidence [Innocence Project]
  • Headlines we didn’t make up: “Grad Student Threatens to Sue Over Destruction of Rare Lizard Dung” [ABA Journal, U.K. case]
  • Wisconsin middle school suspends teacher Betsy Ramsdale because her Facebook photo shows her with gun [Never Yet Melted] http://is.gd/iQaj
  • David Ogden, now up for a high Department of Justice post, assisted in Clinton-Reno era’s ghastly RICO suit against tobacco companies (maybe on-orders-from-superiors, given the extent to which the whole thing was wired by hotshot outside lawyers suing the industry) [Carrie Johnson, WaPo]
  • You’d think they’d learn: appliance energy-use mandates led to lousy clothes-washer and dishwasher designs, but more of the same on the horizon [Kazman, CEI “Open Market”]
  • Walks out of psychiatric hospital and kills himself, state of New Jersey ordered to pay $600K to survivors [Newark Star-Ledger]
  • Why there was a market for burned out light bulbs in the former Soviet Union [Tyler Cowen]


  • “The judge ruled the family was entitled to $400,000 to compensate his mother for the loss of companionship, advice and household help he would have provided…”

    Uh, yeah. A sword wielding parent killing psychopath can be such a help around the house.

  • Teacher with firearm-photo: I’m not going to dive in to any legal arguments of right or wrong. I just wish I could be privy to the discussion and reasoning that took place during the meeting(s) which ultimately ended with a phrase such as, “Then it’s settled, who’s going to be the one to tell her she’s fired?”

  • God forbid that she might want the job of Coach for the Rifle Team.
    Yes. Some schools still have Rifle Teams! If I decided to become a teacher I wonder if they would look in my yearbook? Every one of us on the Rifle Team had exactly the same pose on our team pictures.