• [C]ourts would rather enforce remedies, but to avoid unfair results, they are becoming more amenable to self-help remedies. As a result, those who exercise self-help remedies and end up in litigation are more likely to find favorable court treatment…

    A third [self-help remedy] is to use spoofing technology to send bogus e-mail on the unlawful speaker’s behalf. A fourth is to use viral software to disable some or all of an unlawful speaker’s Internet site or the site of an Internet service provider or mailer supporting the distribution the unlawful speech.

    This will get favorable court treatment?

  • I may be slow because of the cold medication. But didn’t that guy just suggest committing a federal crime as a self-help method?

  • actually he did (at least i michigan its a felony to send a virus)

  • how could anyone tell you to break the law and call it self help

    hmmm i need money so is robbery now self help??!!!