• This is a lawsuit that should not have been brought. The courts and juries are simply not the place to resolve all disputes. This young man was apparently embarrassed and perhaps had a right to be upset with the LIRR but why sue? Did he really suffer “serious psychological injuries and distress” as reported? I doubt it and if so there are likely other underlying problems. This kind of reflex lawsuit reaction hurts the civil justice system.

  • I thought we were supposed to be proud of our disabilities …oops I mean special abilities.

  • This explains why the LIRR runs late so often, it is all of the former emplyees who are on disability exiting the trains.

  • From the article: East Islip resident Anthony Faggiani alleges in court papers that an LIRR conductor failed to help him get off of a train promptly while emphasizing to other passengers that a “wheelchair patient” was causing a service delay.

    Is the lesson here not to note that a person is in a wheelchair, or note that a person is in a wheelchair and help them off the train promptly?