NRDC’s non-compliant onesie

Presumably the Natural Resources Defense Council, which filed the successful lawsuit under CPSIA to make unlawful the sale of large existing inventories of children’s goods, will yank from its online store its own infant offering before next Tuesday. On Twitter, an NRDC person said the group didn’t think its use of the garment as a premium was covered by the law because only manufacturers have to worry about testing, right? (Wrong.) Common Room and Patrick @ Popehat have the story. More: Kathleen Fasanella.

Do as we sue, not as we do, or something like that.

P.S. A totally different legal angle on “onesie”: I hadn’t realized Gerber claims ownership of the word and sends out nastygrams to back up that view.


  • You think the NY Times will do a story on that? Right.

  • What am I missing here–the CPSIA itself, it seems to me, is the civil equivalent of a person who, driving 70 mph in a 75 zone one day, gets ticketed for speeding because the speed limit in that zone is now 55 mph . . . and gets fined $5000 per mile over the limit for every day it happened.
    In other words, couldn’t someone haul this screwed-up law up before a judge as ex post facto under the U.S. Constitution, in order to repeal or stop this from taking effect?

  • I’m going to have to remember to post my findings before I twitter or DM them because I get no glory lol. I just get so carried away with excitement.

    Note: Gerber has been informed of NRDC’s transgression officially. ~whistling~

  • We know, K, we know. I will watch their website to see how many days before that ***sie is taken off their website.

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