• Competitive cheerleading is as much of a sport as gymnastics. Booty-shaking cheerleading on the other hand…well, not so much.

  • If you ask any young girl who participates in cheerleading, you will be told that it is indeed a sport.

  • If the rate of serious injury is any measure, then cheerleading should count.
    But it might not work out as intended for this new ‘sport’. The injuries and paucity of safeguards might cause increased scrutiny to change the nature of cheerleading in ways they don’t want.

  • I am a cheerleader and I definitely think cheerleading is a sport because we still go compete and we stll get hurt just like other sports. So yea I think that cheerleading is a sport!!!!!!!

  • Seven exclamation points does speak volumes. If one must rely upon the emphasis of argument over the content of argument then the argument is lost; cheerleading is not a sport.