• The completely forseeable result of taking kids ATVs off the market is an increase in death and injury caused by forcing kids to trade up to adult size vehicles.

    Keep kids off adult ATVs, consumer group urges
    Most of the deaths and injuries to children are the result of youngsters riding adult-size ATVs, and consumer groups say the agency needs to do more to keep kids off ATVs that are too big and too powerful for them.

    Weintraub wants the CPSC to ban the sale of adult-size ATVs for use by children. The agency has declined to do that. Under a voluntary agreement between the industry and the commission, major ATV distributors require dealers not to sell adult-size ATVs to people who might allow children to ride them. Consumer groups say few dealers abide by the rule.


  • How do you define “people who might allow children to ride them?” Is that anyone who wants to buy an ATV and has children? If you have children are you banned from ATV ownership? If you know that a customer has children, but -gasp- sell him an ATV anyway despite the rules, is any injury to the child attributable to negligence per se?

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  • Yep, here too. I saw it on our local news and it just blows my mind. We are a motorcycle riding family (dirt bikes & ATVs) and never have I seen any of my kids, no matter what the age, so much as lick a bike. I mean, really!!

  • In response to John’s comment about kids trading up to big bikes: I just read that comment and it occurs to me that I am not at ALL comfortable with my 8 year old riding a big bike! He just moved up to the 80 last summer, and thankfully he just putts on it, but he’s getting bolder. What if we were forced to purchase a big bike right away? NO WAY!! It’s not safe! All of our kids started out on a little Honda 50. No 50’s, no kids on motorcycles. How long will it take to trickle down to the classifieds in the paper? Will they be censored now “I’m sorry but we cannot allow you to post such and such ad”? Oh yes, you can tell this law was so well thought out.