CPSIA: Congress has spoken. Now go!

A recent report from the Printing Industries of America (reprinted in this March 17 Keiger.com posting, via Deputy Headmistress) contains this distinctly ominous passage:

To date, Congressional majority leaders have stated they are not open to holding hearings nor opening the CPSIA for reconsideration, instead urging industry to pursue the exemption channels provided for in the CPSIA passed last year.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
Now go! The great and powerful Oz has spoken!*

*For those disinclined to take orders, there’s always the planned April 1 protest. I’m thinking about making it down to D.C. to see how it goes.


  • We would love to have your join us! We are expecting a very large crowd – filled with industry big wigs and plenty of real life small business people who are truly suffering due to the unintended consequences of this legislation. Feel free to visit http://www.amendtheCPSIA.com for more info!

  • […] In some ways the most distinctive costs of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act are the human-scale kind that are hard to measure — the handicrafters’ livelihoods blasted, the families unable to find sturdy winter clothes at the Goodwill, the kids who can’t get their dirtbikes serviced, the threats to vintage children’s books and to small-run items for special-needs kids. But there are also a number of measurable, tangible economic costs that might capture lawmakers’ attention, and which affect larger, more sophisticated actors as well as the small producers, dealers and families that have found it so difficult to make their voice heard in Washington. […]