For readers on Twitter

A reminder: if you’re on Twitter, the ever more popular micromessaging and social media service, you can follow me at this link. You can also follow Overlawyered itself; its account mostly consists of a “feed” (in which each new post on the site results in a message), but I’ve also been experimenting with putting some original material on it, mostly short items destined for future roundups. I’ve also got Twitter identities for Point of Law and for my Secular Right site, and those likewise are primarily but not exclusively feeds.

Most new Twitter users are at first bewildered by the special jargon and conventions, such as “RT” (retweet, for passalong items), scrunched URLs, @ replies, #hashtags, and so forth. You can find a quick introduction at this link. These days I monitor the #CPSIA hashtag in particular, and often learn of new developments there first.


  • Hi, thanks for the link to my Twitter Guide! I’ve also written an article and co-produced a video about twitter on BBC’s Technology Website here:

    … now to have a good read of your blog!

  • Another reason to follow Walter’s personal feed is that he uses it to link to interesting items that don’t fit into the themes of Secular Right or Point of Law or Overlawyered. Some bloggers use twitter feeds exclusively to tout their blogs, but the better model is as an adjunct, promoting but also pointing to good material that may not fit a specialist blog’s mission.