Judge/insurance fraudster sentenced in Pa.

Former state Superior Court judge Michael Joyce, of Erie, “was sentenced this afternoon to nearly four years in prison.” Joyce’s bogus claims of neck and back pain after a rear-ending had netted him $440,000 in settlements; “the judge filed his claims on judicial letterhead, [Assistant U.S. Attorney Christian] Trabold said, and referred to himself as a judge 115 times in the letters.”

One Comment

  • If a judge is willing to feign his neck injuries to drain insurance companies of money, think about the gusto with which the rest of the population must approach this ever-popular sport. The slightest accident can be alchemized into a “bulging disc” or “herniated disc” lawsuit, even when the bulging discs were already there. It’s probably the biggest source of fraud and quasi-fraud going in the personal injury lawsuit world.