March 9 roundup

  • “Attack on Inflatable Easter Bunny Might Be a Hate Crime” [Obscure Store; Westchester County, N.Y. Journal-News]
  • Unclear on the concept? Judge resigns from Ethics Commission and backdates her letter doing so [Hartford Courant]
  • Stephen Spruiell, Health Care Is Not a “Right” [NRO “Corner”]
  • Christopher Fountain: Proud to have switched from lawyer to realtor, at least I escaped being in the same profession as those Seattle water class-action guys [For What It’s Worth]
  • Why include Facebook as defendant in teenage “cyber-bullying” case? Ron Coleman has a theory [Likelihood of Confusion]
  • Bill protecting Good Samaritans from lawsuits passes California Assembly Judiciary committee [California Civil Justice]
  • Author/labor lawyer Tom Geoghegan had all the good writers on his side, so of course he lost big in replace-Rahm primary [Mickey Kaus, earlier]
  • Three pro wrestlers thrown out of court in employment suit against World Wrestling Entertainment [Daniel Schwartz, earlier]


  • “…feels targeted and wondering whether her ethnicity or her religion is the reason for the vandalism”
    The mentality of victimhood. It’s all about me and whatever gains me the greatest victim status.
    Maybe it is nothing more than a comment on tacky lawn decorations, or simple hooliganism. In all likelihood, the bunny slayer knew or thought absolutely nothing about the ethnicity or religiosity of the bunny owner.

  • I wasn’t aware that rabbits were Christian symbols. Is it Saint Bugs?