RFK Jr. defends Paul Minor

Over the years we’ve traced some of the shifting theories by which it’s been argued that once-prominent attorney Paul Minor was railroaded and didn’t really deserve conviction in that seedy Mississippi cash-for-judges scandal. Now America’s Most Irresponsible Public Figure®, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., has started banging his bowl in Minor’s cause, prompting Alan Lange to do what Kennedy does not do, namely provide supporting documents and links by which the interested reader can check out the actual details of the Minor-Whitfield-Teel scandals rather than taking someone’s word for it.

P.S. Tom Freeland analyzes the legal issues in the Minor oral argument, and follows up. P.P.S. Freeland’s reaction to the RFK Jr. work is not a placid one.

One Comment

  • If Paul Minor was railroaded then Dolly Parton is flat-chested and Barney Fife is Serpico. He is as guilty as sin and he had even told a friend of his that he did it and “the Judge owed the favor”. I am truly sick and tired of this liberal rhetoric about him. Period end of story.