ADA closes Cupertino business

California has a double-digit unemployment rate, and it’s certainly not helped by regulatory red tape. The disabled now have equal access to Kirk’s Steakburgers in Cupertino, a supposedly otherwise-profitable business that closed rather than spend tens of thousands of dollars to come up to Americans with Disabilities Act compliance, not to mention lose three parking spaces in its tiny parking lot. (“Kirk’s Steakburgers closing its West San Jose location”, Cupertino Courier, Mar. 16 (h/t D.R.)).

One Comment

  • This is especially tragic for those of us who have been to Kirk’s, I remember these guys used to grind a steak into a bowl and make a burger with it (hence the “steakburger”, it is still ground meat.) It is amazing. I only really knew the Cupertino location, I think there are a few others now. Very sad news.