• NObody expects a maternity ward inquisition!

  • I say having a real parent is better than most foster care or orphanage, let her have her kid.

  • Seriously??? What if the baby had been a girl and the father said that he wished for a boy? My grandmother, under anesthesia (ether, back in the day was used for bad deliveries), told the doctor that her son was ugly and to get him away from her. No one thought for a moment she was a danger to her son, after the ether wore off. In fact, as a child I giggled at the thought of her saying it. Now as a mother, I understand the trauma of childbirth (especially difficult ones) and being under the influence of heavy drugs. I told someone that they had injected me with chicken noodle soup (later figured out it was morphine!), during an emergency surgery after one.
    CPS has a need in society, as do police, but each should use their God given common sense before pursuing such ridiculous sounding things. If it still sounds remotely possible, talk to the parents then close the case if there is no need to investigate further. Come on people!
    (Most) Mothers love their babies, just for the fact that they are theirs, and don’t give the sex of the baby much of a thought beyond those first few hours, when they are recovering, and getting to know and bond with their kid.