• As I commented in the earlier post, this guy seems to have all the right ingredients to have a significant impact: personal conviction, passion, good sources, tech-savvy, and sizable reproductive organs. The common sense piece is a little lacking, though. Perhaps setting up shop over county lines in a slightly clandestine fashion might be the best move going forward.

  • Actually Todd, I think he’s done it right. Take ’em head on. What better way to force the issue that to manuever your opponent into making plain what they are. This is precisely what this blogger has done – he’s shown for all to see that the Phoenix PD is a bunch of thugs, plain and simple.

  • If you read the article, you will see the following: “In May 2009, Barnes’ home also was raided by police”. Hmmm. Maybe he should move his stuff out next month…

  • It’s OK if POs run a blog critical about their department and its management but it’s wrong for a civilian with friends on the force to run such a blog? Didn’t Jack “Ass” Harris have to take the Constitution test to graduate high school, or is he just another one of Arizona’s fine lawmen who is well-known for trampling on people’s civil and constitutional rights?