Breaking: Guilty verdict in Kentucky fen-phen criminal retrial

You may recall the earlier trial of the Kentucky fen-phen attorneys who had stolen tens of millions of dollars from their clients ended in a mistrial for two and an acquittal for their third compatriot. This time around, a federal court jury, after ten hours of deliberation, found William Gallion and Shirley Cunningham Jr. guilty of eight counts of fraud and one count of conspiracy. A streamlined prosecution case no doubt helped make a difference; defense attorneys sought to blame the matter on Stan Chesley, who negotiated the underlying settlement and received millions more than he was contracted to receive, and it remains mysterious why he was not charged. [Courier-Journal]


  • I worked with Mr. Cunningham years ago and it was a real eye-opener. Even at a young age he was astoundingly arrogant and corrupt. I’m surprised that his fall took this long.

  • To over look family is also a part of his selfishness; I am not glade any of this has happen to my family member, I only hope that he has had time to see through all of the stealing that he has done. Hopefully Shirley has taken a look at all of the people he has hurt through his greed. How could he let this happen, knowing all the greatness that was given to him by our Father in heaven, and how rich with the glory of our Father. Keeping the Faith is the only way; wheather we are rich or poor, the glory of God will never leave anyone that stay on the path of rightness. God is the answere. He will take care of you now, just ask.

  • Wasn’t there a civil suit against the three of them and Chesley too? Was Bamberger named in the civil suit too? What happens to that now? Do the convictions mean they’ll settle that?