CPSIA, books, and recycling

A tidbit from the Publisher’s Weekly coverage:

Several publishers said they test all of their titles, not just novelty books but also ink-on-paper formats. Most books came through the testing with flying colors, but there were a few incidences reported in which titles did not make the grade. With the increasing interest in all things “green,” it’s interesting to note that books made of recycled materials are more likely to contain some lead or phthalates and therefore less likely to make it through the testing process.


  • I wonder if the Consumer Union tested the contents of the Pandoras Box before they opened it

  • Naaaahhh, not likely—just like Congress not reading bills before voting, and Consumer’s (dis)Union and allies’ supporting trans-fats 20 or so years ago with apparently no research or thought.

  • No good deed goes unpunished.

  • I’m not a mother, so perhaps I’m naive, but do children commonly lick books and eat the pages…or do they just read them?