Ezra Levant on Overlawyered

The high-profile Canadian free speech advocate (and target himself of the atrocious attentions of Canada’s speech tribunals) has this to say:

Overlawyered.com is a great U.S. website about the American affliction of too many lawsuits. Canada has a simple rule that America lacks, that has made us far less litigious: in Canadian civil courts, the loser has to pay a portion of the winner’s legal fees. That means nuisance suits are far less common.

Which is why human rights commissions are so bad — they remove that damper on frivolous suits, inviting the worst bullies and harassers to abuse the system….


One Comment

  • If this were Canada, Walter, you would definitely be dragged in front of a Tribunal for speech likely to cause hatred against a definable group (specifically, lawyers). Unfortunately, America is not yet enlightened enough to know that the government should regulate what we say.