Land’s End replacing a million buttons

It’s pulling them off and replacing them with new buttons so as to bring children’s clothing into CPSIA compliance.

A Family Dollar store in Maryland was removing kids’ shoes from the shelf and destroying them, thus baffling an onlooker who wondered why they couldn’t have been donated instead. (Because that’s what the law says.) More on that episode: Deputy Headmistress.


  • Just when business for everybody is so good.

    If you want to see children in trouble wait till a few businesses get pushed over the edge by this thing, and see how their working parents who have been let go by those businesses get to the point where they can’t afford to feed their children, send them to school, or take them to the doctor.

    Laws like this are created by people who don’t think one moment ahead to the potential consequences. And politicians like Pelosi are elected by an electorate that’s equally lacking in forethought.

  • Ms. Alkon,

    My understanding is that CPSIA was not poor legislation in the sense of not understanding the possible consequences. Rather it results from intellectual deficit. Senators Murray and Durbin can not distinguish non-living elements from pathogens. A small amount of AIDS retrovirus is devastating, whereas a tiny amount of lead is just a tiny amount of lead. Couple that with a failure to understand that children do not eat motor bikes or zippers from coats. There is a difference between hypothetical ingestion of lead from books and actual ingestion. Children may chew on a book from time to time when they are teething, but books are not a major component of diets.

    Senators Murray and Durbin are really nice people. Somehow they equate lead and phthalates with poison. They just can’t get beyond the word pairings. Almost everybody is that way. I am especially dismayed because these good people are listening to the people who gave us the breast implant scare. Shame on them.