Online-speech symposium at Concurring Opinions

As Scott Greenfield notices, the lawprof chatfest (organized by Danielle Citron, Frank Pasquale, David Hoffman, and Deven Desai) is tilted toward participants who want to restrict online speech in the name of feminism and civil rights.

P.S. One of the symposium participants most inclined toward the free-speech position, Michael Froomkin, draws some particularly lively comments. And Paul Horwitz at Prawfsblawg offers some pointed criticisms.


  • I must say, I’m very familiar with Froomkin’s writing, or so I thought, and I did not expect him to be as pro liberty as he is. I have had great respect for him in the past, but he just made me a major fan both for his views expressed in the “symposium” (I think the more accurate term is “circle jerk”) and for not fearing open comments.

  • […] idea of wider rights to sue over online speech has provoked a bit of a furor; see addenda to our earlier post as well as continuing coverage at Scott Greenfield’s site. Good! Better to have a controversy […]