• This is probably the tip of the iceberg. What is bothersome to me is as it becomes apparent that this was a poorly written and largely unread bill, and when the law is corrected or invalidated, no one will be there to put the smack down on Waxman & Co. Mark my words though, Waxman & Co. will spin this to make themselves look like they’re the ones who took notice and got things fixed.

  • We went to parent teacher conference last night. Just looking around the classroom, the amount of stuff which can not possibly comply to CPSIA is mind boggling.

    Maybe the best way to get rid of this law would is to start suing some high profile school districts (preferably in offending congressional districts) for exposing children to all this toxic stuff? Even the deaf lady might cover that.

    Sad that I have come to think this way.

  • John,
    Unfortunately, I am beginning to agree with that thought. We should definitely target a school in Waxman’s district…maybe THEN he would pay attention…Maybe.