“Someone’s Gotta Go” and employment law

According to descriptions of a forthcoming Fox reality TV show, “actual, struggling companies with about 15 to 20 employees will let their staffs decide who gets laid off. The employee-judges will use confidential information — salaries, job evaluations — to make that final call on the show.” If that’s really the show’s format, the employers are setting themselves up for lawsuits under discrimination, retaliation, and other employment laws, not all of which can be fended off by having the employees sign waivers. [National Law Journal] More: Evil HR Lady.


  • Project Plan for ATLA: Step One, secretly invest in mass-market promotion of new show, disguised as Gen-X’r-friendly working class little guy advocate. Step Two: Issue official ATLA press release exclaiming outrage at Fox’s greedy pursuit of profits. Step Three: Contact Speaker of House and personally demand investigation…create surge of media dialog. Step Four: Contact injured parties, file lawsuits. Step Five: pressure Fox in to large undisclosed settlement, buy vacation home(s).

  • I heard about that show and thought, “Oh, this is going to go over well in legal circles.”

  • Oh for Heaven’s sake. That’s exactly what we need.

  • Its not really about someone being fired, thats just the name. The plot is that radio talk show host Mel Robbins goes into failing companies and turns them arourd like the super nanny does for parents or chef Rocco does for failing restaurants. They will let someone go though.