“There wasn’t the slightest bit of pay-to-play here”

That’s Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell on his no-bid hiring of a Texas plaintiff’s firm (and generous political donor) to sue Johnson & Johnson on contingency fee [Wall Street Journal editorial; Point of Law background here, here, here, here (Arkansas, and Bailey Perrin Bailey’s generous donations to the Democratic Attorney Generals Association (DAGA)), here, and here; ShopFloor].

P.S. And more reporting on the case from John O’Brien at U.S. Chamber-backed Legal NewsLine.


  • This is going to be very, very bad for Gov. Rendell (at least it should be) and, too, this looks very bad for the lawyers paying to play. The whole thing stinks and I expect indictments will follow. Big story.

  • I expect nothing less from Governor Swindell.