CPSIA and Violet’s Peapod

The testing requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act are due to go into effect nine months from now, when the temporary stay expires. Here’s what they’ll do [AmendTheCPSIA.com] to the economics of one Bay Area designer who specializes in “100% natural, locally-made, completely adorable peapod-shaped baby sleep sacks”, a product line relatively well suited to absorb the costs of a testing program since the item sells for a fairly high price and doesn’t have many component parts:

If I were to have each batch of my current inventory tested by CPSC-approved third party, I would have to pay $57 per print and batch for 3rd party lead testing, and $278 per print & batch for phthalates, totaling $4,690 altogether. If I were to increase my price point based on cost increases to cover this 3rd party testing, I’d have to raise my price point by $19.14 each. My precious baby sleepsacks are barely selling at $53.95, so charging $73.09 each in these tough economic times would surely put me out of business.

[…Or I could instead produce] a single batch of sleepsacks (ONE PRINT). I’d then have it 3rd party tested for lead and phthalates, and increase the price point to $57.95. With an increased price point and only one style/print in my line, I could hardly remain competitive in the marketplace!

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