Grand jury probes John Edwards-Rielle Hunter payments

What with all the money in Edwards’ own name from his legal career, not to mention the late Texas trial lawyer Fred Baron’s generosity in solving the housing needs of Edwards’ girlfriend, it wouldn’t seem necessary to use campaign or charitable funds for her benefit, too, but a U.S. attorney is said to be pursuing allegations along those lines. Hunter was paid $100,000 to do documentary filmmaking about the Edwards campaign, which gave the couple many opportunities to be close to each other. [New York Daily News, CBS News, Raleigh News & Observer] More: Althouse, Kaus.


  • I think everyone will give him a pass on the “I hired her mostly because I had a crush on her.” If it accelerates to “I forged a furniture receipt to funnel money” he has a real problem. Either way, politically he is as dead as Gary Hart.

  • She speaks about through him. I don’t know about him being dead, though. Spitzer seems to be making a move. I firmly believe the left has this way of forgiving denying the wrongs of its members.