• slightly off the subject, John Edwards strikes me as a meticulously calculating politician. Though I simply have neither the time nor inclination to keep up with his marriage’s soap opera (or soap Oprah), I can’t help but to imagine that these recent non-developments – that being his wife’s disclosure – isn’t part of some pathetic script designed to play the sympathy card to one day get him back in the political saddle.

  • Not off subject at all. These two are a team.

    And yes, Todd, I think you’re right. The Raleigh N&O appears to be in on the “pathetic” (like your choice of words) script – publishing a new Liz-friendly blurb every day.

    But I’m not sure everyone’s reading the script this time. The commentary is over-whelmingly scathing.

  • I realize she is clearly putting herself out there. I find everything she is doing just stunning from a woman that I think otherwise is very impressive. I don’t know what her agenda is but I disagree that this is part of an Edwards comeback. I think his political career as a candidate is beyond over and this book is hardly helping him.

  • First, a kid screws up. Next, he gets humiliated and someone shows him the path to righteousness (in my case, and older brother); he gets scorned as that boy down the street who…(fill in the blank with misdeed), next he plants some trees in a park or volunteers, i.e. repentence and pays his dues to society. FFWD, and now he stands as one who knows from experience better than anyone else the difference between right and wrong. “We’d be honored if you could show your support with a generous donation to my love child’s 529 tuition fund my campaign so the have-nots can get a helping hand. It’s not over. It’s in pre-production.

  • Chuckle. Todd there are so many places I could go with your comment, but I won’t.

    You are spot on about “pre-production” (I expect you noticed how Elizabeth got in a reference to John doing the Habitat thing in some disadvantaged country far, far away during one of her book tour interviews).

    Alas, these two are not done with us.

    It’s all for HER kids. The “it” kid be damned.

    Until her Mother’s book comes out;)

  • http://whatsnottolike.wordpress.com/2009/05/10/hunter-edwards-affair-and-coverup/timeline/

    is a very, very useful timeline of the event in this strange case. The questions it raises (particularly in the financial area) are ones worthy of a grand jury’s consideration. A lot in there about John’s lawyer friends too.