• I first came to your vapid rantings by way of the grossly inaccurate “Book Banning” under the CPSIA article. I have read your other work. Perhaps you should follow Lincoln’s sage advice and remain silent, as you have eliminated most doubt as of this date.

  • Mr. Brad Lord-Leutwyler , maybe you should learn to read before you come on a website and make snide comments. It you had actually read the Snopes article you referenced you would know that:

    A CPSC announcement issued on 6 February 2009 regarding that agency’s enforcement policy also stated that they would not “impose penalties against anyone for making, importing, distributing, or selling” certain specified items, including any “ordinary children’s book printed after 1985.”

    In other words book before 1985 are subject to the law.

    In addition, the Snopes article states that:

    Of course, vendors of second-hand products still face the quandary that even though the CPSC has stated they are exempt from the testing and certification requirements of the CPSIA, they still have to ensure that the items they sell meet the new standards for lead and phthalate content.

    In other words sellers are caught in a Catch-22 situation. They don’t have to test, but if they sell a product that exceeds the lead or phthalate content they can be prosecuted for violating the law. That is not a position that anyone wants to be placed in.

    Clearly you only read the False statement without reading the rest of the article. Don’t you feel stupid now?

  • Currently, Brad is Logic and Critical Thought Professor and UNLV and CSN…

    Something doesn’t quite fit here.

  • Evidently, the professor never read all of the threads, go to the websites or asked questions while there, or anything else–otherwise he would’ve followed his own Lincoln’s advice before posting here!

  • Currently, Brad is Logic and Critical Thought Professor [at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas]

    Frightening, isn’t it! Actually he is just an adjunct professor. In addition, he was also an independent candidate for President in 2008.


    And that is not all. According to this link


    I have decided, against my better judgment, to move from academia into the world of politics. I will seek a congressional seat here in Nevada in the 2010 election cycle.

    I certainly think he would fit in fine with the rest of the bozos in Congress.

  • “…. otherwise he would’ve followed his own Lincoln’s advice before posting here!”

    I didn’t give him advice. I could, easily.

    (Ohhh, you mean Abe Lincoln.?)

  • This is reminiscent of the Welsh Dragon Sausages incident: post