D.C. Metro crash client-chasing

Yes, the online ads are already up. Washington’s City Paper tracks down one California-based law firm marketer: “This is the only marketing I do — it’s the highest cost per click online. What else can you do, a young guy like me? I don’t want to do porn [sites].” According to one report via Twitter, “the Google ads are running on the WMATA Web site.” More: Maryland Daily Record (first suit filed); Eric Turkewitz. And Ron Miller, on the dilemma of the young man quoted above: “Dare I suggest this is a false choice? There has to be a third option after porn and train wreck chasing, right?”

Also: Overlawyered favorite Willie Gary is in the case.


  • Well, i don’t want to be too negative. i will note that generally i only comment to disagree, so it might seem like all i do is disagree.

    But living in the DC area, the more i learn about what went on over there, the more angry i get. Some lawsuits have merit and should be brought and barring some surprising facts i don’t know of, this is one of them.

  • […] any rate, just an interesting list of topics to consider as the lawsuit industry gears up against the WMATA for the Metro […]