• Allow me to be the first to say it, so we can get it over with: don’t people pay lawyers for f***ing them over?

    I note this key paragraph from the story:

    Under the Code of Conduct of the Bar of England & Wales, a barrister is not specifically prohibited from charging for sex but he must not do anything which could “lead to any inference that his independence may be compromised”. And he must not engage in conduct which is discreditable to a barrister or “likely to diminish public confidence in the legal profession.

    So what he did was not forbidden, I do not see that the alleged sex-for-pay could compromise his independence — indeed, by putting money in his pocket and taking the urgency out of his groin, it likely increased it. Nor does it seem possible to “diminish public confidence in the legal profession.”


  • Charging for sex is known as “prostitution”. I don’t know the law of the U.K., but it is a crime in many jurisdictions.

  • All of you were snookered. This has to be a joke.. the professor who wote the article is called ‘Slapper’ . That’s british for a loose woman. Also, the name of the Solicitor is another giveaway.

  • Prof. Gary Slapper has been a contributing columnist to the law section of the Times (U.K.) for years.