• I remember from business class that the tobacco companies became even more profitable when the advertising ban was put in place. If none of them could advertise, they all were able to save 25% more of their revenue, and they were still on an even playing field.

    I wonder what Phillip Morris is thinking here?

    This must have been a big dilemma for Obama, who says he supports this legislation. One the one hand, he needs to try to destroy one of the few remaining profitable American industries. On the other hand, he likes his smokes….

  • Though I did not see it in the linked articles, I read another that mentioned the FDA limiting nicotine content.

    If the goal is to avoid negative health effects, it seems it would be better to smoke fewer cigarettes. Reducing nicotine would require a smoker to smoke more cigarettes for the same dose, working against the goal of preventing smoking related disease.