UK library: no hot coffee allowed

An elderly club that had been meeting for four years every Tuesday at the Eye Library in Eye, Cambridgeshire, were told that they could no longer have hot tea or coffee at their meetings, lest it be accidentally spilled on a toddler. They’ve retreated to holding meetings in members’ homes. [Telegraph] Hat tip to F.R.


  • If one of the elderly had a slip and fall at an alternative meeting site, could she sue the library?

  • When i saw the word “hot coffee” and then saw we were talking about elderly women, i got confused, thought this was a Grand Theft Auto type hot coffee issue, and came out against it. “What? i don’t want elderly women doing that in my library!”

    Opps, my bad.

  • Nice to see that even ROSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents no less) thought this was an overreaction, after they scarred my childhood with scary ads like these:

  • Wow, who knew toddlers could read? đŸ™‚

    Libraries in my area have this problem solved with an amazing invention, called a door. It keeps toddlers out, while letting adults come and go.

  • How silly! This complaint could have been solved a number of ways instead of banning the weekly coffee. Poor leadership all’round.