Update: FTC moves ahead with blog regulation

The Federal Trade Commission seems particularly interested in checking up after blogs that participate in affiliate programs like Amazon’s while making favorable mention of books and other products sold there. [Morrissey, “Hot Air”; Elizabeth Jacobson, CEI “Open Market”] “Do we seriously expect people to hire lawyers before launching a mommy blog? Apparently so.” [James Joyner via Instapundit; Ron Coleman] Earlier here and here.

More: Patrick at Popehat is feeling commercial.


  • the FTC in general has been on overdrive recently. they have said that any person who has any delay at all between the work they provide and getting paid is a creditor under various laws and thus regulated up the wazoo. If taken literaly, it means literally the guy who mops the floors at the Safeway is a creditor and subject to all of those regulations.

    I fully expect the FTC to be slapped back on that, but not after alot of firms have to spend alot of money complying.

  • btw, more pro-lawyer, anti-business ftc meddling. http://www.businessinsider.com/the-end-of-mandatory-arbitration-2009-6

  • I keep a blog where I occasionally post book reviews (with an Amazon affiliate link). I intended to make a few bucks on affiliate purchases. If I ever do a bad review, I will still include an affiliate link. I guess I will have to add a page that says I am a member of the Amazon affiliate program.

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