USAir Hudson-landing emotional distress, cont’d

Press coverage has been rather hostile toward AIG, which insures USAir, for its reluctance to cut large checks for therapy and the like to passengers aboard the miracle flight. (One major reason for it to balk may be the lack of any showing that the airline was negligent; also, passengers got $5,000 checks right after the rescue.)

Given the insurer’s status as public relations pariah, it’s interesting to note that at least one voice has been raised in its defense from a perhaps unexpected quarter: Ron Miller of Maryland Injury Lawyer. His “plea to every lawyer in the United States: please don’t file a lawsuit in these cases to get your name in the paper.” Earlier here and here.


  • I’m rather astonished that we haven’t heard any rumblings from “Chuck U.” Schumer, (D-NY) given that 1) this happened in his state’s waterways (ok maybe in NJ) and 2) it involves his favorite topic of late: AIG.

  • I am distressed that Keith Olbermann and other media people take it for granted that a claim by a handsome woman against a despised Insurance Company must be valid. The claim at issue was for treatment of some nebulous psychological injury. And I understand that the company actually paid for three treatment sessions, even though such therapy probably has no efficacy.

    I enjoy Mr. Olbermann’s program, but sometimes he is a CPSIA level dope!

  • But William, if the therapy had no efficacy, wasn’t that fraud? Shouldn’t she be compensated for that?