Are you seeing a July 5 version of our front page?

This happened back in January last time we upgraded WordPress, and I’m afraid it’s happened again: some users of Internet Explorer and Safari are reporting that the front page of the site is stuck for them in its July 5 form, as of just before the update. I think I’ve fixed the problem now by restoring the missing cache file, but you may need to do a forced refresh (SHIFT button while clicking “reload”) to see the results.

If you’ve tried SHIFT + reload and still get the July 5 version, let me know via email (editor – at – or post a comment.


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  • How are people to see this notice if they’re stuck at July 5?


  • Walter,
    I use Firefox and I was stuck on the July 5 update. However, RSS was working so I could access Overlawyered that way. It is working now. I believe I was affected last time also.

  • I’m on IE8 (the just released version) and the page has been loading just fine for me.

  • I use Firefox 3.0.11 which rendered all the new posts correctly, which is why it took me a while to catch on to the problem. (Same thing happened in January, with the then-current Firefox). I got the frozen version using IE 7.0 and Safari 4.0. I’m glad to hear IE 8 handles the issue.

    Bob L.: Yes, I know it must sound like Lily Tomlin’s telephone operator routine, “Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?” But lots of people do see new posts on RSS or Twitter even if their browser is stuck on the old cache.

  • Works fine in Safari

  • I had been seeing the correct content up until sometime yesterday, when it suddenly “rolled back” to July 5. Shift-Reload did no good; I had just assumed that you’d run into a problem with the new software and had to restore from a backup. (This was on IE8 on Vista.)

  • For the past couple of days it’s been stuck. Now it’s fine. On FF 3.5.

  • Bob Lipton’s question needs an answer.

    And in other important questions…..what were you doing or what will you be doing at 12:34:56 7/8/9?

  • we had the same issue when we rolled to the new WP. In our case it was because we were running the Supercache plugin, which (for whatever reason) didn’t update to the new content until we restarted the plugin…


  • Never had an issue while using Firefox 3.5.