CPSIA, kids’ resale and the Times, cont’d

The New York Times, which to the amazement of many has printed scarcely a word about the catastrophic effects of the law it still defends, now runs a Fashion & Style story applauding what it identifies as a trend among affluent urban parents toward buying used products for their kids rather than always insisting on new (Sarah Wildman, “For Firstborns, Secondhand Fits the Bill“). But it never mentions the reason why those parents will find the selection of kids’ goods around the nation’s thrift shops to be much, much sparser than it was a year ago.

Even as it spots this supposed trend, the paper does not quote anyone who works in an actual secondhand business; it does mention picking up used stuff free from “friends’ garages” and buying on Craigslist, where it’s easy to find sellers who don’t know (or at least claim not to know) that the law covers them too. You have to wonder what’s going on with the editors at this newspaper. Are they under some sort of orders not to mention CPSIA and its effects? Or do they just not know any better? (More: ShopFloor).


  • I’m thinking they don’t even make the connection between used goods for kids and the CPSIA. And for them, CPSIA is probably old news, a done deal.

  • As of 2:11 p.m. Eastern, there are 59 comments to the NYT story. Not ONE is about the CPSIA.

  • CPSIA, really…what’s that? (heavy sarcasm here for readers) Is that even newsworthy during our recession? (thick sarcasm now) Apparently not to New York Times. But the fact people don’t want to buy $200 toys from expensive boutiques is. Just wait until there are no more specialty boutiques and only mass produced toys from China being imported in the big box stores ….then CPSIA will be newsworthy.

  • “Are they under some sort of orders not to mention CPSIA and its effects? Or do they just not know any better?”

    Most likely it’s just the influence from DC politicians and or lobbyists, but there could also be some direction from the NSA, CIA, Pentagon, and whatever other agencies have their thumbs in that paper…not to mention whatever Big Toy corporations advertise in it.

  • The CPSIA story gained traction in the conservative media. That’s two strikes right there. Coverage of the story would make the Democratic Congress look bad. Strike three. Ergo, it’s not news.