• The story of the frog (academia) and the scorpion (politics) comes to mind. Everyone knows it’s a scorpion’s nature to sting. So we blame the frog for being stung, because we expected better.

  • Responsibility is not a zero-sum game.

  • I’d like to point the author’s attention to the man-caused disaster which took place a few months back, and continues to this day. Gov’t (well at least a handful of legislators – namely one from MA and another from DE) pretty much put a gun to the heads of lenders and forced them to do things everyone paying attention knew wasn’t going to be so good in the long run. But, congressmen and senators are in the business of getting re-elected (i.e. rehired) and newspapers are in the business of generating ad revenue for their investors – note the term, “business of.” Each serve multiple masters; politicians balance special interests, donors, and voters; media balances readers, ad-buyers, and shareholders. Follow the money and its sometimes obscured path, and therein one finds the motives to 1) disregard a story, 2) misrepresent a story, or in some cases, 3) simply lie about how a story happened. It’s perception that writes history, not facts (sadly).