Hosting Blawg Review #220 on Monday

Next Monday, July 13, Overlawyered will once again play host to the weekly traveling roundup of interesting posts from around the legal blogosphere, Blawg Review.

If you’d like to nominate a blog post for inclusion, follow the convenient guidelines at Blawg Review or Twitter it to @walterolson or @overlawyered. You’ll need to get it in by Saturday night for consideration, but it helps me greatly if you send it sooner than that.

You can learn more about Blawg Review here. Last week’s Blawg Review #219 was at Cathy Gellis’s Statements of Interest, and you can check out other recent editions #218 at Adrian Dayton’s Marketing Strategy and the Law, #217 at Thomas Colson’s Securing Innovation, #216 at John Bolch’s Family Lore, #215 at Carolyn Elefant’s MyShingle, and #214 at CharonQC. Overlawyered hosted the review once before: that was #33 back in November 2005.


  • Are we supposed to just submit any post, and then you weave it into the topic, or does it need to relate to a specific topic?

  • Please submit whatever post you think best. I tend to avoid themes for BR anyway.